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A Journey of Resilience and Hope: Tony C Ejiogu Reflects on the Imo Governorship Election

In the vibrant city of Owerri, amidst the echoes of unity, resilience, and hope, Tony C Ejiogu, the APGA candidate in the recently concluded Imo governorship election, takes a moment to address his supporters and the people of Imo State.

With humility and gratitude, Tony expresses his appreciation for the support received during his first foray into the tumultuous realm of politics. Despite facing skepticism and opposition, he acknowledges the divine hand that guided him through the challenges. “We came, we saw, and together, we conquered,” he declares.

While the dust settles after the governorship election, Tony’s unwavering connection with the people remains untouched. The election’s outcome may not have been as desired, and concerns arise about the conduct of the election itself, marked by irregularities, incompetence, and violence. Tony, alongside fellow candidates, voices discontent with the performance of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Acknowledging the inevitability of a winner in any election, Tony emphasizes the importance of fairness. He laments the lack of a level playing field and calls for a collective commitment to ensuring that future elections reflect the democratic ideals of equity and justice.

Tony’s aspiration for the governorship, while significant, takes a back seat to his broader vision for Imo State. He envisions a prosperous Imo characterized by peace, love, and unity, where development sweeps across all communities. “The audacity to dream is the masterstroke for a new Imo,” he asserts.

In the face of the challenges—emotional, financial, and relational—that come with politics, Tony urges unity. He calls for a period of solemn reflection, a time to strengthen bonds of love, trust, brotherhood, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. “For a better Imo, we must stick together,” he declares with unwavering conviction.

As Tony extends gratitude to the leaders of his party, Governor Charles Soludo, National Chairman Sly Ezeokenwa, the National Working Committee, the entire Imo State APGA family, and all supporters, he reaffirms his commitment. “I remain your willing soldier, under God’s army,” he declares, symbolizing his dedication to the collective dream of rebuilding Imo.

In conclusion, Tony C Ejiogu sends a powerful message: “Do not be discouraged by the past; remain resolute that the great future of our collective dream is possible.” With a rallying cry to reclaim the people’s mandate, he looks forward to a future where Imo flourishes under the banner of unity and progress.

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