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Photos: Community youths blast Imo lawmaker over fake claim of completed village market

By Ngozi Blessed Onwukwe

Youths of Ezi-Mgbidi Community, Oru West Local Government Area, Imo State have expressed their displeasure over a fake radio news that their community Market, Ahia-Nkwo Eziali-Mgbidi has been completed and ready for commissioning.

Ezi-Mgbidi Youths said the news came as a rude shock, as the completely abandoned Ahia-Nkwo Eziali was listed as one of the completed constituency projects by Hon. Dominic Ezerioha, Member Representing Oru West State Constituency at the Imo State House of Assembly.

The youths said that it is disheartening that Ezerioha who represents the good people of Oru West State Constituency will chose to go to Orient FM, Owerri to lie about a project that is still in a skeletal form, tagging it a completed project and ready just to play to the gallery.

A youth who gave his name as Ugochuckwu Ndubuisi said, “The problem we have in Eziali Mgbidi (Ezi-Mgbidi Autonomous Community) is that our leaders are evil. How can we have elders and Hon. Dominic Ezerioha will go to radio and lie about Ahia-Nkwo Eziali.

“He was not like this before, but since this administration came in, it’s been one lie or the other. I remember when the current Governor, Hope Uzodinma was a Senator, he also listed Eziali-Mgbidi Old Orlu road as a completed constituency project, our people kept quiet. Today, Hon. Ezerioha is trying to repeat what was done before.

“When will Mgbidi and Oru leaders stop lying to their people. Look at this road that leads to Ibiasoegbe. It’s been under construction for four years. They’ve been playing useless pranks there and our people are watching.”

Also speaking, another youth, Sampson Oguchienti said that the leaders of Mgbidi in government are not helping matters in the true development of their town.

“I heard my brother telling you about the Eziali-Ibiasoegbe road. Since 2017 they’ve not been able to cross to Ibiasoegbe with their shoddy job. They said it’s a Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) project, but you can see how the abandoned the project.

“Currently one of our brothers who has a company just decided to grade that place down to Ibiasoegbe. Do you know that if Ezerioha can sincerely construct this market without doing an audio construction, this market will attract buyers from Ibiasoegbe, Uburu and even some other parts of Oru West.

“It can also create other transport routes for our people. All we’re pleading with our brother, Hon. Dominic Ezerioha is that he should not allow politics to destroy his good name.

“That radio news where Hon. Ezerioha listed Ahia-Nkwo Eziali as one of his completed constituency projects will cause his serious embarrassment.

“I’m a youth of this community and we’re tired of all these political abracadabra. Let me tell you, we’ll never keep quiet again. Go to the nonsense they’re doing at Mmiri Ucheagwu. Hon. Ralph Nwosu is from Mgbidi, infact from Eziali Mgbidi here.

“He boldly told our people that the construction they’re doing there near the artificial pond in between Imeoha and Eziali Mgbidi in the Orlu-Mgbidi road will not be more than six months, but it’s getting to a year now and that place is still a shamble.

“How can we continue to mess our land up like this? Everyday you see them running up and down in Owerri, but when you come back to Oru, it’s in total mess. Just ordinary village market is what a State House of Assembly Member is going on air to lie about.”

The youths called on Governor Hope Uzodinma, Hon. Ralph Nwaosu, Hon. Dominic Ezerioha, Hon. Declan Emelumba and other well meaning sons of Oru, in the current Imo State government to realize that they have but one opportunity to write and rewrite history.

They urged them to realize that the posterity will judge their achievements when they must have left government and will one day bring their works on the weighing scale of reality.

See photos below;

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