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Dear Nigerian Christians,

I know it won’t be as easy as taking to social media to compose uninformed castigating articles and crafting graphic images with same intent to malign, and clicking share and dropping derogatory lines on the comments section.
Or mounting the pulpit to base your Words of Exhortation to your congregation on the topic of Father Mbaka, even when your Bible passage for the day is taken from Matthew 7:7 and you have tagged your sermon “The Great Provider.”

I know it won’t be easy. But should you want to take this challenge, if you see it so, kindly study (not read) the Bible and the Prophets and Prophecies of old: How the former ‘ran things’ and the kings would tremble at the sound of their sneeze.
Meanwhile, as Christians, I do not think we should tarry any longer. Because this prophecy about Jesus coming soon doesn’t seem to be true. Especially now that we understand what the word SOON means in the dictionary, right?

Of course. For it to be true, every prophecy must happen the exact way it was prophesied, and at the time we presume and moreso, the way it must favour us – else! The Prophet is a false one with corresponding false prophecies. So it is in our minds.

Yes. Before I continue, please feel free to do this. That is if you feel like it. Send your insults to This is to state that I am aware my take might be disapproved of by many and hence I might be insulted.

Rev. Fr. Ejike Camillus Mbaka, like other Catholic Priests you know, through the sacrament of Holy Orders, is ordained
A Priest (to offer sacrifices to God)
A King (to shepherd the ‘Flock’ of God) and
A Prophet (to proclaim the Word of God to the people)
*Catholics should know this.
These three are all excercised/administered over the people (of God). AND THE SAME PEOPLE ARE THOSE WHO ARE BEING GOVERNED BY POLITICAL LEADERS.

Therefore, it is not only incorrect, but a show of outright ignorance, for one to advise that ‘men of God’ should steer clear from the happenings in the politics of the governance of a state. Meanwhile, these people are in the league of the tithes/offering doctrine brainwashed Christians who as I write this, are gathering their January earnings to wire to the pastors’ bank accounts for onward transmission to the heaven’s treasury account, the moment January clicks close, in the name of first fruits; amid their plenty unmet needs.
These set of people tell you that “politics is a dirty game. It is not a thing for ‘born again children of God'” – forgetting that whatever policy the ‘children of the devil’ who would eventually clinch the seat makes; that, they in their high holy spiritedness, are bound to be subjects to.

Dear Christians, while you publicly castigate your clergymen (especially those you know are not clowns like one acrobat somewhere in the East), remember that they represent significant (if you say not spiritual. I agree) physical value to your religion and your faith. Same you will cry wolf over what you would perceive as a threat to the church by other religion(s), meanwhile, while the other religion(s) hold their tenets high and would not met out one-hundredth of the desecrating acts you do against your religion and its leadership, on theirs.
And you think you know something? Oh you even think you know more than ‘them’? I laugh.

Then for ndigbo Christians.
If you think Mbaka is a curse to you, then think well. You’ll be surprised to find out he is the opposite of what you think of him now. Obodo obula kwesiri inwe opekata mpe otu onye ana aso anya. And if that is gifted to us in a Priest, so be it. Ihe ochoro bu nkwado. Okwa gbuo dike – gbuo dike. Ubochi ihe ike mere, achoba dike. It is a blessing to have someone who can speak (TRUTH. (You may remove the uppercased, if you are still uncomfortable with it)) to power!
Admitted, our own is not infallible. Of course no human is. And we are know to be sincere and courageous enough to call a spade a spade without taking sides. Yes. But we should do it ka ndi ji uche fa eme ife: ka ndi nujuru ara nne fa afo. Onye an’eme, ona-eme onwe ya, kedu ife nke ahu putara?

Let us use our BRAIN and our FAITH in a way that they compliment each other.

_Stephen C. Ozor (M C Frank)

Writer/Public Speaker, Abuja.

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