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A rapist is a threat to the society, should rot in Jail – AMOJ

You should be happy is a MAN of GOD that raped and disvirgned you; COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo allegedly tells Busola

I woke up to a disturbing video made by Busola, Timi Dakolo’s Wife narrating how a supposed Pastor in COZA sexually abused and gave her a pat on the back saying ‘You should be happy I’m the one that disvirgned you’, with so much boldness.

This happened years ago to a 16 years old voiceless teenager who has grown into a woman, with the support of her husband Timi, decided to speak out and fight for justice.

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Unfortunately, some people are asking one stupid question “Why did she decide to speak out now”.

It takes a lot of will power, mental, physical and emotional maturity for an African woman to stand up and narrate her ordeal in the hands of a rapist.

To look a Man of such repute in the face and publicly say “You raped me”.

I wasn’t with Busola when COZA Pastor raped her neither was any of you asking irksomely irrelevant questions a witness.

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Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is not dead, let him defend himself if He feels Busola is lying but at the end of the day, let justice prevail.

There are a lot of women that have been raped but cannot speak out due to how the society judges blindly.

Let’s learn to give both the victim and accused fair hearing irrespective of whom they are least our Children becomes a prey in the hands of these Pedophiles.

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I have not been raped though had a near rape experience at 14 which I’ve shared with you all sometime ago 👇👇👇

My Near Rape Experience – AMOJ

We should also encourage both gender to speak out. It’s high time we started purging our society off these rapists.

They are indeed a threat to the society and shouldn’t be allowed to move freely amongst us.

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer (AMOJ)
28th June, 2019.

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