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#theKKAffairs: You stood and conquered, Letter to my Sister!

Dear Sister,

As kids, we talked and dreamed of our future, and now it’s here.

It’s indeed hard to predict what the future will hold, but we’ve always been optimistic.

Your love story is one of the sweetest and most inspiring stories I’ve heard because it tells a lot about patience, commitment and fulfillment of God’s purpose.

I was filled with mixed feelings on your day; Seemed I was about losing my childhood sister, but then again, I remembered that once a sister, always a sister.

I am so proud of the resolute woman you have become. You stood and conquered….And I have no doubt that you’ll make us proud in your new home.

May you and your husband continue to find unexplainable happiness, joy and laughter in each other’s arms.

Congratulations on your marriage Oyirinnaya!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Kingsley Udoye

With Love,


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