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Best Halaal Food Guide

Finding Halal food is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns of Muslim travelers when they are abroad. Everything is fine in places where Muslims make up the majority, and there is no need to hunt down Halal restaurants.

Elsewhere, however, applications that help identify Halal food establishments and products can be beneficial.

You should check out Travelstart   Nigeria for booking on any of your travel trips, and when you get to your location, these apps would be a useful tool for you.

We would therefore like to share FIVE applications that have exactly that function and more, as Best Halaal Food Guide.

1) Zabihah

A name that is familiar to Muslim travelers, Zabihah is an established website that advertises itself as the “world’s largest guide to Halal restaurants and markets.” It has gone from being a regional guide in the late 1990s to what is now a giant brand with loyal followers.

Zabihah has restaurants, markets, and mosques in places such as North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Africa. More than 20,000 of their listings are reviewed. In addition to reading comments, users of the Zabihah application can check restaurant details, such as Halal authenticity, address, time, price and ratings.

The Zabihah iPhone application has obtained more than 500,000 downloads since its launch. Its popularity is partly thanks to the efforts of Zabihah and its 2,500 associated restaurants to offer exclusive offers to travelers. These offers can be easily redeemed by displaying the coupon for the application at the counter.

The Zabihah application is available on iOS and Android.

2) Halal Dining Club

Launched in 2016 after a crowdfunding campaign, Halal Dining Club has more than 90,000 registered users. The application lists thousands of restaurants around the world, although its directory is more complete in nine cities in particular: Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong (Kowloon), London, Paris, New York, Toronto, Manchester, and Birmingham.

In addition to facilitating searches for restaurants that are fully certified or offer partially certified menus or seafood, the Halal Dining Club application allows users to read reviews, create and discover collections, reserve restaurants and earn loyalty points. It is really an integrated application that aims to be an all-in-one stop where a community of Muslims can collaborate.

As your restaurant database expands continuously with the help of active users, the application is increasingly valuable every day.

The Halal Dining Club app is available on iOS and Android.

3) Crave Halal

The Crave Halal application, which covers restaurants in South Korea, the United States, and Canada, prides itself on offering an up-to-date and accurate database. To guarantee this, the team behind the Crave Halal application would call each and every one of the restaurants to manually verify their Halal status, which we must say is not easy, considering that their database has more than 13,000 Halal restaurants!

In the app, users can also see the most popular Halal restaurants in an area, as well as open a map to see how many Halal options are near them.

The Crave Halal app is available on iOS and Android.

4) Halal Navi

Launched in 2014 by a Malaysian IT engineer who was studying and working in Tokyo, the Halal Navi application banks focused on Japan in the community verified the restaurant lists and their status as Halal certified, no pork or vegetarian. To be included in the list, the restaurant must serve at least some non-meat dishes or non-alcoholic seafood dishes. The 80,000 registered users with different religious standards can choose to dine at these restaurants at their own discretion.

In addition to offering a way for Muslims to discover Halal food, Halal Navi allows users to connect with the community by sharing tips and opinions. You can also make use of the app to search for halal grocery stores, prayer halls, and mosques in the vicinity.

Although the Halal Navi database is more extensive in Japan, it has started to move towards South Korea, Thailand, and Germany.

The Halal Navi app is available on iOS and Android.

5) Halal Advisor

Claiming to be Australia’s number 1 Halal food application, Halal Advisor has more than 2,000 restaurants and has 15,000 application downloads. It allows users in Australia to find restaurants, takeaways and halal deliveries within a 50-kilometer radius.

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    This is awesome. The best gift you’ll give to a muslim right now is introducing them to this app.

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