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Daddy Freeze apologizes to Pastor Suleiman, regrets treating him harshly

Nigerian radio broadcaster Daddy Freeze shocked many by sharing a video where he explains his new relationship with controversial Pastor Johnson Suleman.

He says that the pastor has shown him love unexpectedly. He also admits that he harshly criticised the pastor for his teachings.

Apostle Suleman in reaction to the matter made a video where he explains the reason, he decided to get close to Daddy Freeze.

The pair started talking in the middle of the month of February 2019, discussing scriptures, and both listen to each other, according to the Apostle.

Daddy Freeze who vowed to never apologise to the pastors he has vehemently critiqued, lately felt convinced in his heart to apologise to Apostle Suleman.

Daddy Freeze said: “He treated me like brother, he gave me his direct number”. “I have found a brother”. I didn’t want to apologise, let me be honest but after speaking to him for about 30 min, I said: “Apostle I apologise to you for the harsh way in which I have treated you. You didn’t ask for it.”

The radio broadcaster explained that his method in dealing with the church issues may be unconventional to many.

He further added that they do not agree on theological issues and still stands on his position no mater what others may say.

Daddy Freeze addressed those who turned against him for his public outburst against pastors.

He told his haters called “reformers” who have suddenly rejected him and talked bad about him personally.

Apostle Suleman also cleared the rumour that he has never paid money to Daddy Freeze, he just wanted to show him love despite their differences.

He said in his video yesterday: “I have never seen him, and this talk about money nothing of this has ever happened”.

Apostle Suleman also says that he will not subscribe to hating people because they talk against him.

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