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Imo State: Our governance won’t be controlled by invincible hands – Jeff Uzor, ABP Guber Aspirant


A lot of people may not know that my campaign is not funded by the cartel or a god father and that we have not received any donations or organized fund raisings. At least we will do for you what we say we will do. Our governance won’t be controlled by invincible hands. But then why should you care?

If you drive around Imo especially this period there is this level of organization being exhibited by the presumed top contenders. They have the best offices, their campaigns are very well structured as in from s to d, their bill boards and outdoor advertisings are second to none. And their branded vehicles? Those ones come in different makes, shapes and are best described as a fleet. Did I mention their well gated, 24 hour security, light and water mansions? In summary, they do know organization, they know good living and they know strategy. Problem is, it is designed to suit their needs and satisfy their aspirations not the ordinary man. This is why you MUST care.

Ask yourself , these guys know that they need 50 branded hummer buses for a wider reach in the state during campaigns yet after being elected they find it difficult to provide ten working ambulances for the masses. They run organized campaigns and right after being elected they run a disorganized government. These things are evident if you look around you. The heaps of refuse, dilapidated schools, dead hospitals and broken infrastructure all tell the story. We are at that point everybody must be woke. You don’t reward a system that failed you. Just like we Igbos say “amara imeere onye kporo gi ugwo, amara ya furu ohia”

On Saturday 9th March 2019, don’t stay foolish.

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