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Update: 15-year-old pregnant girl forced into marriage with 66-year-old man in Nnewi

Yesterday, Adamazi Blog shared the story of a 15-year old pregnant girl identified as Ebube, who was forced into marriage with a 66-year-old man.

Read here. 

Well, activist, Prince Harrison Gwamnishu, who discovered the girl, has given an update on the efforts himself and his team are making to rescue her from the forced marriage.

He shared photos of Ebube on his Facebook page and wrote:

This evening, we rounded up our investigation in Nnewi, Anambra State.

Ebube was 14yrs, staying with her aunty when she got pregnant and was chased away. Her parents rejected her. The street became her shelter. Her family heard about a 65yrs old man (Now 66yrs) who was looking for a wife and Ebube was remembered.

Ebube was married out to the man with her pregnancy.

She was happy when she heard she’s leaving the marriage for school #PenNotPenis

Early marriage is a huge violation of human rights. #RespectHumanRights

The 21st century is the age when every person, regardless of age, gender and social status, can do anything and follow their dreams with full support from their family. Sadly, many young girls do not have a voice in the matter.

They are raised to believe that they are made for serving their husbands, without a chance to get proper education and profession, when in reality women can be powerful and inspirational, and achieve great things.

Child Marriage is not a northern thing as we are made to believe #EndChildMarriage

THE GOODNEWS IS, SHE’S NOT SPENDING THIS WEEKEND IN NNEWI. #RetrieveEbube. We are paying everything paid to free her from Modern day slavery #SexSlave

Update on 15-year-old pregnant girl given out in marriage to 66-yar-old man in Nnewi

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