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#2019Debate: Leadership Of The Armed Forces Must Not Be Based On Nepotism – Durotoye

Fela Durotoye, the presidential candidate of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), has said that for security lapses to be fixed in Nigeria, then the leadership of the Armed Forces must not be based on nepotic biases. 

Durotoye made this statement on Saturday at the NEDG/BON presidential debate at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja.

The leadership expert said the security agencies must be strengthened.

“First and foremost we must ensure that the institutions, the security agencies are strengthened,” Durotoye said, adding that to strengthen the institutions, “they must be properly led,” he said.

He also noted that, “You have to make sure that the leadership of the police, the civil defence corps, the leadership of the army, the navy and all of the armed forces are based not on nepotism, not on friend or man know man as we say sometimes in Nigeria”.

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The ANN presidential hopeful said the leadership of the armed forces will be based “On performance and the brightest and the best will be selected amongst the people and promoted to lead the rest and provide for them role model leadership”.

He further noted that investment in technology will also play a key role in ensuring that Nigeria is secured.

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The adroit business expert said drone technology will be employed in securing the borders while the needs of those serving in the armed forces will be tended to adequately to enable them to serve with their all.

He said the armed forces must be motivated, noting that “Nothing demotivates the military or any of the security forces more than not having the proper equipment to be able to do the work that they have been trained to do”.

Durotoye stated at the debate that we must train our security operatives and treat them well while they are alive, adding that “Should they fall, in the course of serving their nation, those who are alive must see how we treat those who have fallen”.

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The ANN presidential candidate further said that security and intelligence must be integrated with the community so that the community feels a sense of ownership of the security.

He said the ideology of the people must be worked upon.

“We must work on what we call the ideology, the ideology that is currently feeding the insurgency must be tackled and arrested,” Durotoye opined.

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