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Things To Do Before Holiday Vacation By Okoro Johnbosco


  1. Know Your Chosen Vacation Location Very Well:

Knowing the place you want to travel with your family or spouse for the vacation is essential for a good relaxation during the holidays. You need to know the available networks within the location, any recreational facilities there, power supply, security situations, natural disaster records etc. This knowledge helps you to know if the place is best suit for your holiday experience.

2. Ensure You Keep To Your Budget:

Making expensive orders during holidays is one the most common mistakes couple makes during holidays. Sometimes, some places might be attractive but most times doesn’t fit to your budget, or some items might seem good at sight but also not be in your budget. Meaning going outside your expense budget is likely will affect you when the vacation is over. So, careful make your budget for your vacation before time, and stick to it no matter the pressure. Always have at the back of your mind that good things never end, they get better with time. Have seen the latest cars, can you compare them with their older versions?

  1. Be Security Conscious:

Every environment has it’s security peculiarities which might not too familiar to you since you only visit the place. Many people have lost their lives during holidays because they assumed they are safe. Being safety conscious is a must have  habit to developed especially during holidays. Home alone our childhood movie shows that crime do take place during holidays. Burglars, kidnappers, robbers, fraudsters, thieves, etc  are all on lose during holiday seasons. So, always be at your guard, you can get pepper spray while walking at nights, or better still avoid nights or don’t walk alone. Having the phone number of local police officers, or patrol is also good to be handy at all times. Most thieves are afraid of numbers or resistance, so any form you can lay hand on do get it while on vacation.

  1. Don’t Extend Your Stay:

Most times the fun gets to our head and we don’t want to lose it. Chose the time to spend on that vacation and no matter the fun and exposer, don’t change your stay. Extended vacation disrupt your budget and might affect your savings. Delays, might also affect your resuming your duty in office leading to excuses. So before you reach to final decision on your vacation also include the limit and ensure to stick to it.

  1. Study Weather Reports:

Knowledge of changes within the climates of your chosen vacation location is very essential. So as to know the eventualities and avoid being involved in unnecessary losses. Like desert areas are prone to windstorms during harmattans, While temperate regions close to mountains can be exposed to avalanches, extreme temperatures and road loses due to snows. Having a detailed records of this environmental changes is a must before chosen a location.

Conclusion: Holiday relaxation is one of the best treat you can give to yourself but doing it in a secured environment is also important to remaining alive to enjoy it. Is beckons one embarking on a vacation in a totally unfamiliar place to be fully aware of common occurrence within the place before hand.

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