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Tailors Colour Humanity – AMOJ

A Tailor creates amazing designs and carefully knit them together through the power of creative imagination.

My tailor once said to me “Had it been I knew sowing was this stressful, would have learnt another craft”.

When my younger sister was waiting for her NYSC Posting, she decided to learn a craft. She opted for tailoring and that is how homegirl will come back every evening, rush to shower/press hot water on her back and finally retire to bed.

The first few weeks wasn’t funny as she would always complain of either back or waist pain. And the one that broke the camel’s back was when she accidentally sew her finger instead of the cloth.

She told me that sowing isn’t an easy craft and any amount a tailor charges the customer should never be in negotiation.

This is me saying Kudos to every tailor out there, especially my personal tailor Ifunanya who has never disappointed me before, despite the short timings.

Thank you for everything you do, to make humanity more colourful. I celebrate your ingenuity

May 2019 be gracious to you all.

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi

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