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Mrs Aisha Buhari; A blessing to Nigerians in this critical time and why we must pay attention to her By Francis Duru

Over the time of human history, God has continued to use people for divine mandate, some of who are willing while some are not, but God will always find a way to make the unwilling to be willing. ‘Jonah’ and ‘Nineveh’ is a typical example of the unwilling that was made willing for the sake of the mandate. These unique personalities often time live with the burden of a better world for their people and walk through life such heavy mandate. I believe that everyman is unique and we all have a specific assignment to accomplish before we complete our journey on earth.

Providence and time are two life phenomena’s that activates this burden and at those critical deciding time/moments, one must take difficult decisions to accomplish their God given purpose on earth. Mrs Aisha Buhari is one of those unique personalities who is currently shouldering a burden of national development because of providence and time. This enigma of a lady has had to say things that are very difficult to say, this is one of the things that has set her aside as a pinnacle. One must go as far back as 1985 to find a special woman like her, the wife of the then Military President of Nigeria; Late Mrs Mariam Babangida was in my opinion an enigma too.
In her recent speech in a public gathering, Mrs Aisha Buhari had expressed her worry that the current administration has been hijacked by two powerful men. She further stated that these men have continued to stunt the growth of the nation and wondered why many other powerful men had surrendered the fight and choose to rescue the nation from the hands of the select few. In her words “We did not buy votes, more than fifteen million Nigerians voted for us in 2015. How can we allow just two men to decide for the whole of the nation?” She promptly urged that we put hands together to rescue our nation for the sake of our collective survival.

Let me state here that no one could love President Muhammadu Buhari more than his beloved wife no matter how we spin it. In the same vain, she is part of the inner circle to know way above what we think we know about the current administration. If the first lady talks about a hijack by two powerful men, then that is close to the truth and we must take it seriously. However, the implication is that the Commander of the Chief of Armed Forces of the federation might not be commanding after all. This kind of scenario should worry every Nigerian.

Therefore, it is logical to begin to think of how to rescue Nigeria as advised by the first lady. Suffice it to say that we cannot be more roman than the romans, same way none of the supporters of the current administration would know the real situation more than Mrs Aisha Buhari. The situation also means that the president might be powerless and that is not a good place to be as a progressive nation. The first solution will be that we put our faith in the President and hope that he figures out how to end the grip of these few men on the nation so that our collective aspiration will be achieved. The second will be to take our destiny in our hands and end the grip of these few men by ending this government.
The first solution would have been better. However, if the president is not totally in charge as suggested by the statement of the first lady then this option is not viable. My take will be that we end these men grips on our dear nation by ending this government and take our Nation back. Mrs Aisha Buhari has spoken, it is left for us to do the needful.

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