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UNICEF: Poverty, Social norms depriving children of quality education.

Quality education provides every child with all the capabilities they require to develop a sustainable livelihood, contribute to a peaceful and democratic society, enhance individual well being and become economically productive.

Unfortunately more than 10 million primary school aged children in Nigeria are currently out of school due to either poverty, natural disasters, disabilities, child marriages, child labour, gender bias, lack of conducive learning environment amongst others.

Ahmadu Abubakar

Here’s Ahmadu Abubakar who I met at Tofa model primary school, Tofa, Kano state during field work where he came to beg for alms from his peers and teachers.

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Ahmadu who couldn’t communicate in English said in Hausa that no one has ever gone to school in his family. This situation can only be attributed to poverty.

There are a lot of children like Ahmadu in Nigeria that are out of school due to lack of sponsorship. Every Nigerian especially young people are encouraged to join the local campaign “Every Child In School”, to help advocate for better and wider access to basic education for every Nigerian child.

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Alot of potentials are unharnessed when boys and girls do not have the opportunity to access a basic education. Considering your influence in the society, through your social media platforms, the campaign message will reach Nigeria’s decision makers to make primary education a major priority.

#UNICEF #EveryChildInSchool

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi

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