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International Men’s Day: Your duty defines your manhood

A day like this, I  reminisce all the times Men have come through for me in different ways.

Nature gave me a Father (Of Blessed Memory) and an only Brother but Humanity availed me the opportunity to have more brothers and a Foster Father.

A foster father that has been everything a fatherless girl has ever wanted and brothers who hold my hands, re-position my head and keep me focused.

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There are good men out there and I am  lucky to have come in contact with some of them.

On this special day, I celebrate you all more especially, those that live up to their responsibilities as a Man and protect the rights of women/children in their communities.

Your foot prints will forever remain in the sands of time and your names engraved on the hearts of people you have impacted.

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I sincerely appreciate your empathy and kind-heartedness.

God bless you all….

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

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