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Igbos To Abolish Osu Caste System Today

Abolition of the discriminatory Osu caste system will be a major feature of the 1019th Ilommuo Ndigbo 2018 (new yam festival), holding at the Palace of the Eze- Nri in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, Friday.

Special Assistant to the Eze-Nri on Traditional Matters, Prince Ifeanyi Onyesoh, said through the event, the kingdom would let the world know the actual origin of the caste system, which incidentally began from the kingdom of Nri.

“Eze-Nri, regarded as the holder and keeper of the oldest ancestral sceptre (ofo) of the entire Igbo nation had in time past abolished Osu caste system, which unknown to many, is still being recognised, observed and practiced in many communities in the old Eastern region.

As the holder of the ancient sceptre of authority, Eze-Nri’s position on Osu caste system is regarded as sacrosanct and the kingdom is intent on educating all and sundry on the history, origin and consequent abolition of the obnoxious practice by Eze Nri, hence, the colloquium,” he stated.

Nollywood actor, Joseph Okechukwu, who has championed the advocacy over the years, also indicated that it will be a prelude to a much bigger event in December, where the ancient abolition ceremony (nsube ife) will be re-enacted and cleansing carried out all over the region. (The Sun)


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