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Nigeria has potentials to be one of the greatest countries in the world – Jeff Uzor

Mr Jeff Chinedu Uzor a businessman based in United States of America was interviewed by ADAMAZI MEDIA on the deplorable state of Nigeria and the possible solutions.

Speaking during the interview, Jeff said Nigeria has the potentials to be one of the greatest countries in the world considering the climatic conditions, mineral resources, arable lands, human resources amongst others.

Read the interview below;

Can we get to know you Sir?

I am Jeff Chinedu Uzor, from Alaenyi Ogwa in Mbaitolu LG of Imo State. I live and do business in United States of America but currently in Nigeria.

Having lived in the US, what can you say about the condition of Nigeria?

The gap between Nigeria and the US is way too much and there’s no room for comparisons. Nonetheless, Nigeria has the potentials to be one of the greatest countries in the world. We do not have catastrophic events such as earthquakes, valcanos and snow falls. 90% of Nigerian land is good for farming with unharnessed mineral resources.

Nigeria started selling oil years ago just like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates but one cannot possibly compare these countries with Nigeria.

We need to take Nigeria as it is, talk about our problems and start finding ways to dig ourselves out of the hole.

What can Nigerians do, to get out of this prevailing condition in terms of Education, Road infrastructure and much more?

We have absolutely nothing in this country. When you see what good education, road, hospitals, farming system and much more Iooks like, you will know that we are just deceiving ourselves.

There are a lot we can do to salvage this ugly situation but we must start by telling ourselves the truth that things are not working in this society and start demanding that things work.

Was there a time things were working in this society? Or is it a function of the present administration?

I was born in the early 70’s and would not want to talk about the colonial era. I read a bit about the colonial era in books but when the white men left, during the time I was born and growing up, we still had pipe borne water, working fire stations, Nipost etc but they have all disappeared.

There was a time things were working and we should have improved on them rather than let them deteriorate.

We need to turn the country around by rebuilding our schools, fix agriculture and control how things are done in the government.

Now, any administration can wake up and award contracts to anyone even their girlfriends but we cannot survive this way.

We are currently getting less value for a lot of money in awarded contracts.

As 2019 approaches, what can we do at the State level?

We need to start adopting viable policies in Imo State. It is not enough for the next administration to make promises especially on payment of salaries and pensions.

A law has to be passed that makes it a criminal offense for any employer of labour including the government to owe salaries and pensions again.

We also need to focus more on revitalizing vital aspects of our economy.

With all the potentials in Nigeria both in mineral and human resources, why are we still not getting it right? Is it a function of leadership, followership or both?

I will say its a combination of both because when the leaders are going the wrong way, the followers should revolt but the Nigerian masses seem to be comfortable with bad governance.

If we must get change, we should wake up and demand for it.

I heard Imo State is heavily indebted, as a business man, what do you think can be done to offset the debts?

We can pay off our debts by cutting off all wastages. If we can manage our resources well, Imo debts can be paid off in 4 years.

What can you say about Nigeria today and Nigeria you knew during your early days?

It is getting worse in all honesty. Things were cheaper back in the days but now, fuel, rice and other commodities are costly.

We can turn things around by getting our PVC’s and voting right.

Thank you Sir.

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