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2019: Of Religious Politics and a People that Celebrate Deception, By Ismaila Yahaya Kana

Nothing I believe is more perplexing than a people who know they are being clearly played by a very notorious clique of people yet insist on playing along. This sadly is the position of Nigerians who claim to be either Muslims or Christians yet continue to show rather glaringly their misunderstanding of what the religions stand for. There’s now a very annoying narrative of in the air, purporting to encourage people to get their PVCs for the sole purpose of voting in people from their religious persuasion. Not competence! I mean, why worry about competence when a simple mention of the name of Allah or Jesus Christ gets the work done right? Indeed, we have seen the magic of those names in our crop of Nigerian leaders haven’t we?

The most annoying thing is that all those telling you to go get your PVC so as to vote your religion into power do not share the same religion as you. Maybe you attend the same place of worship with them, but make no mistake about it, these people do not worship the same as you do. Their real religion is power and money. Their articles of worship are lies and deceit, all instruments used to control your minds and wrestle your free will away from you.

When next you receive a message from anybody telling you why your religion should be voted into power, ask them to tell you if Nigeria had been ruled by only one religion since inception. Please endeavor to ask them also if these people hiding in religion have heeded the religious tenets of social justice, equality and equity. Let them tell you also if the rape of this nation’s resources has been perfected by only one religion.

The truth is, religion is only a means to an end. While you stay wide-mouthed at the political men of God who have been amply paid to deliver these sorts of poison to your mind, many of them and their children are showing off the proceeds of this patronage in flashy ensembles while you groan in vain at the absence of any meaningful progress.

Name one religious group including our African Traditional Religious adherents who have not cashed into the political largess that comes round every four years, precisely during election seasons and I will tell you what a pathetic liar you are.

You can choose to be naively obdurate about this religious argument but I think you and I know despite the mental damage that has been done to us that this whole religious nonsense is bullocks. If you choose to happily continue staying under the shadow of sanity then so be it, but please, do have the indignity to go it alone. Stop disseminating this bile please.

You should be ashamed of yourself if you have shared any of those religious themed messages via WhatsApp or any other platform. You in fact is the enemy of Nigeria.

©️ Ismaila Yahaya Kana

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