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Photos: Woman Who Lived With Huge Goiter For 18 Years Finally ‘Delivered’ After Undergoing Surgery

Djenabou is a woman who currently has ever reason to be happy and grateful to God.
The woman who has lived with a huge goiter for as many as 18 years, finally got the burdensome load taken off her neck after a surgery.
Djenabou underwent the surgery on the Mercy Ships, a group of hospital ships in developing nations staffed by talented volunteers from around the world. The woman’s story was posted on Twitter.

Djenabou after the surgery

“Djenabou lived with a goiter for over 18 years, and wanted to be free. 
“Now, thanks to your compassion, she received surgery onboard the #AfricaMercy to remove the goiter, and because of your support, Djenabou is free to pursue her dreams! #globalsurgery” The Mercy Ships wrote

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