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Parenting: A Walk Down The Memory Lane – Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

Dbanj and wife lost their son yesterday through a very painful scenario and lots of blame and counter blame have been attributed to his death.

No sane parent will ever want to loose a child through any means or have him/her hurt.

Down the memory lane, I was an energetic toddler and we had a nanny who is an adult. So, my parents were working and I was less than 2years.

On that fateful day, we lived in the second floor and parents have gone to work. The nanny hurriedly went downstairs to bring in the clothes as it was about to rain, little Onyinye that has vowed never to seat at a place followed suit.

On reaching the stairs, I slipped and had a deep cut behind my right eye. The nervous nanny naively took me to the bathroom and was washing off the blood which lasted for hours before workers closed for the day and started coming back.

My Uncle who came in first shouted and hurriedly took me to a hospital, not quite far from home. Dr Onyeagoro (Of Blessed Memory) quickly moved me into the theater and reiterated to them that the skin is already weak to sew up.

But luckily, being an expertise the wound was knitted neatly. Till now, you’ll have to come very close to me to see the scar. If not for his expertness, I would have been dead due to excessive blood loss, one eyed lady and facially disfigured.

Would I have blamed my parents for not taking me to work? Being careless?

We seat at the comfort of our homes, hit our tabs and draw conclusions of things we know little or nothing about.

There are things we can’t really understand until we experience them but hopefully, may people never have reasons to doubt our diligence.

RIP Daniel and may God console your parents.

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