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YES!! Black Slavery Was Our Choice By Mayor Chinonso Obiagwu

I watched Kanye West’s Video Comment on Slavery and I decided to think.

Few months ago, I visited a Museum in Badagry Nigeria where some Slavery Apparatus were Kept. It happened that these facilities belonged to a Family whose Great Great Grand Father, (a Yoruba man) was a big time Slave Merchant.

What they do is that, they capture these Slaves, (their Fellow black relatives), put them in chains and shipped them to Europe to make some money. Part of these monies where paid to the then Traditional Rulers and it was all normal business then in Africa which the Leaders and the people could decide to end if they had chosen to.

When I asked the Family members who where showing me around the museums if they felt proud of what their Great Great Grand Father Did, they all affirmed that they were proud of him cause he was a great Man to them. In fact he had a well constructed Tomb and even a Large statue of him was in the compound till date in honor to his greatness.

Now, relating how I felt about that experience and the Comment made by Kanye West were he mentioned that 400yrs of Slavery is a Choice, I can state categorically that KANYE WAS RIGHT. IT WAS THE CHOICE OF THE BLACK RACE TO SELL OFF THEIR OWN FOR SLAVERY.

I have stated this several times about we humans and our experiences in life where I used this quote “I DO NOT BLAME ANY DEVIL FOR WHATEVER SADNESS, I EXPERIENCE, I AM THE CAUSE OF MY SADNESS, CAUSE I HAVE A FREEWILL WHICH MAKES ME A GOD AND A DEVIL TO MYSELF” in other words, all the Sufferings and pains we experience in life are caused by us. So Black Americans should not blame the Whites entirely for their Woes. They should also blame our Black ancestors who allowed Slavery to happen to us by practically engaging in a business of selling our own..

Mayor Chinonso Obiagwu

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