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Society, Not Fair To The Poor By Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

It’s no longer news that we do have different societal classes in our society which are the upper class popularly known as the elites, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class and finally the Poor.

The poor is undeniably the most subjugated class and of course the society judges them differently and harshly too. They do not have to only fight the fact that they can barely afford the basic amenities of life but also the way society perceives their shortcomings.

Let me digress a bit,

An elite gets pregnant out of wedlock and the society and even her immediate family applauds and showers her with so much love. When she eventually puts to bed, a lot of people will volunteer to be her personal nanny and the baby becomes the cynosure of all eyes.

A poor girl gets pregnant out of wedlock and all hell breaks loose, the society and her family reminds her how she is a disgrace to their family, society and the world at large with everyone shouting ‘Ime mkpuke, Ime mkpuke oh’ in Igbo dialect which means ‘Unwanted pregnancy’. Then hurtful words like ‘Ashawo, Anuofia, onye iberibe, nkita ara’ and then calling the baby a bastard becomes their mantra while admonishing her.

In otherwords, the baby an elite gave birth to is the most wanted and celebrated baby of all times because there is a lot of money to throw around. How dare you call the baby ‘bastard’ or the pregnancy ‘Ime mkpuke’? Or don’t you know that sex before marriage for the elites is graceful? Is indeed a crazy society.

Congratulations is in order for any pregnant woman irrespective of the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. A child is a divine gift to the world and should be celebrated.

Early this month, singer Davido celebrated her girlfriend’s birthday in a grand style with a singles titled “Assurance”, bought her Porsche amongst others and social media went haywire. The relationship automatically became a template for the young people and assurance was the most used word. Every woman now yearns for an assurance from either the spouse or boyfriend without anyone blinking an eye to the fact that these two young people are not married and engaging in fornication.

And the title “Davido’s Girlfriend” becomes an achievement as one of the most revered and sought after titles in recent times just like “Óffice of the Wife of the President’’.

Sadly, one Chioma from a poor family in Abule Egba, Okokomaiko etc parading her boyfriend around town is regarded as a spoilt brat, prostitute and never do well. It’s obvious a sin has different meanings and perceptions depending on your societal class.

This happening has metamorphosed into most people both old and young trying to make wealth by all means just to live above the societal ill judgments which has posed a lot of negative imparts in our present day society.

The society will be a better place for all classes to dwell in when we firstly, understand that everyone is a human despite the class and prone to mistakes and secondly, that every adult has a right to choose his/her lifestyle once is not posing a nuisance to the society.

Judge the poor fairly, they too deserve to live, love and be loved.

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer




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