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My Master Key, Unlocking Every Door – Blogger AMOJ Celebrates Blog @1

In what could be seen as a dream come true, ADAMAZI BLOG has swam through the tides and waves of the blogosphere this past one year, yet remained resolute. This dream which came through the passion to impart, be in the know and reach out to people became actualized on the 16th of May 2017.

How the journey started: I will describe my facebook wall as the “Starting Point”. When I converted “What’s on your mind” to “What’s the trending news”, I had no intention of creating my own website. I would always source for juicy/trending news on a daily basis and post. Being a very inquisitive person who always want to be ‘in the know’ of everything happening around her community and beyond, I resorted to gathering information/controversial articles to get a wider opinions about them.

Few months into this act, family and friends started reminding me of how I can also make money through my passion by creating a website. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted because I thought the blogosphere has already being conquered by a lot of bloggers out there, doing seemingly wonderful and considering the fact that I had an ongoing petty project, consistency is a watch word in blogging.

After awhile, I came to terms with the fact that the sky is big enough for everyone to spread its wings and fly; besides I can’t be perturbed about consistency until I get started. Hence, ADAMAZI BLOG was birthed.

Choosing my domain name: There were a lot of names running through my mind but I wanted a name that can identify with my root and be easily integrated into the society.

On that “Decision Day”, I had a long talk with my elder brother and we analyzed every name I had in mind. After none came through, He said to me “You’ve always had ADAMAZI attached to your facebook account name, don’t you think it will be perfect to choose it as a domain name”, and immediately reality struck. ADAMAZI is a household name every Aro daughter is addressed by and ofcourse, it encompasses everything I’ve always wanted in a domain name. So, it became.

The Challenges: After my web master concluded his work, my website detail was given to me. Owing that He lives in a different city, the learning process was quite challenging. I got few directions from him and proceeded to conquer my world.

I didn’t know any blogger as at that time and had to learn, unlearn and relearn through surfing the internet and often putting calls across to the web master in times of extreme challenges.

Also had other challenges like insufficient power supply, huge data consumption, sleepless nights and network fluctuations amongst others but was determined not to quit. It was one rocky journey, still is and I feel sickly whenever the website isn’t running but passion has kept the dream alive.

My master key: I always refer to ADAMAZI BLOG as my master key which has been unlocking several doors. The platform has availed me a lot of opportunities that still beats my imagination. There are personalities that I couldn’t have encountered, connections/contacts made which have become a stepping stone.

With the handful of challenges, the platform has been beneficial in so many ways. I see the stars not just as a limit, but as a stepping stone.

Appreciation: Firstly, I want to appreciate my readers. There wouldn’t have been ADAMAZI BLOG without your immense support this past year. Thank you for staying true to the blog despite my human inadequacies.

To my amazing family, friends and colleagues who wouldn’t stop at nothing in encouraging, teaching and supporting this dream, I’m so grateful. You all are gold.

ADAMAZI BLOG was launched into the blogosphere with an article titled “A right step in the right direction” a year ago and amazingly, today is the birthday of the founder.

May I and my blog continue to reign and be impactful.

Hearty Cheers to us!!!

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

Founder/CEO, Adamazi Blog

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Adamazi, Queen of the Blogosphere


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Wow!! Its our Blogversary


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Shhhh… Blogging in Session


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