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Imo 2019: I Have a Mandate of Necessity, Jeff Uzor

Intention to run for political offices are fast becoming acts of God. Many politicians declare with prophetic zeal their Godly call to contest elections. It doesn’t matter if many in the past have made the call-of-God pronouncement but never made it out of the polls with anything resembling the prophesy they publicized before hazarding the race. No matter, many still are playing the “Devine Call” card but to what end?

I do intend to run for the office of the governor in Imo State on the platform of SDP, so do a whole lot of other people. We are all experts in various fields. While some have more money than others, some have more education. While some have more experience than others, some are more youthful. One unique trend is the fact that, a lot of these candidates say they have “divine mandate” to run for that office. To understand their claim, let’s define the terms.
“Mandate” as a noun is defined as: an official order or commission to do something; the authority (usually given) to carry out a policy or course of action. “Divine” as an adjective is defined as; from God. Therefore, these candidates are claiming they have an order from God to do this. I am not in a position to judge but as a good Christian, the Bible tells me that when God calls you, he gives you specific instructions. He called Abraham, he gave him specific instructions, showed him signs and led him on (Genesis chapter 12), God called Moses, showed him signs and gave him specific instructions (Exodus chapters 3 & 4). Even when he called Samuel, though he failed to recognize it was the lord calling him, God kept on until Eli his master made him know and ask that the lord speak. When the lord doth speak, he gave Samuel specific instructions (1st Samuel chapter 3). According to the scripture, God do send people and he sends them to solve specific problems.
I have no doubt any of us may have been sent by God. The problems we face in Imo are so enormous and the cries of Imolites so loud for God not to heed. Where do I even start? Unemployment? Total lack of infrastructure, unpaid wages and pensions, increase in crimes and prostitution, low standard of living, low life expectancy rates? God must have hearkened to the voice of our people and decided to send a saviour. But, who is this “saviour”? What specifically did God ask him to do in Imo when he makes him the next governor?
To be of God, you should at the very least be honest. Like I said earlier, I do intend to run and I believe my instructions as far as necessity is concerned are very clear: Delete Imo state’s debt profile, Improve the quality and reach of education, awake our moribund health system, inculcate prudence and accountability and open governance into the handling of public funds, make Imo state conducive and convenient for business so as to attract foreign direct investment and aid etc.
These instructions are clear and as a way of acceptance, I pledge to pay off Imo’s debt in four years. I also pledge to improve our schools to give our children the quality education they deserve and make them competitive globally for jobs and business. I will upgrade our health institutions to help raise life expectancy and standard of living in Imo. I also pledge to make public all funds that are spent by my administration and how. During my tenure, 75% of all contracts awarded in the state must be through open competitive bidding. I don’t claim to have a divine mandate, but I won’t partake in politics of deceit. To all of you that have a “divine mandate”, what specifically has God asked you to do for Imo when you are made governor? Does it include any of the myriad problems facing Imo? Can you in all honesty declare that you have the wherewithal to answer that call and carry-out God’s instructions to the letter?

I want to challenge all of us claiming to have received our commission from God to come out publicly; to clearly enumerate the nature of their mandate so that Imolites may decide for themselves if their instruction(s) resemble their cries to God. I know people will want to group politicians as the same in that they are experts in saying one thing while doing the other, but the one thing I have working for me is my word. Can we say the same about the rest of you brandishing the name of God either justly or unjustly?
The upcoming gubernatorial race may be won with numbers and the one truly chosen by God may be short-changed by men, but God always has a reason for doing what he does. This goes without saying that the people are divine in their own right and must learn to question whatever may thwart their yearnings and aspirations with actions not inaction. They must pledge to scrutinize all the contestants vigorously; go out register, vote and protect their votes jealously; resist and desist from any and all acts that may cause God to visit them with punishment in the form of a bad leader; ask the right questions and demand very clear and concise answers; and, ensure to remain patriotic to the ideals of the founding fathers like Dee Sam who worked assiduously to design the only road map that has ever delivered anything worthwhile to the Imo people.

I cannot claim to be the only one true leader ordained by God to deliver the people of Imo to the proverbial promise land, but I can lay claim to his grace upon my life. Only his light guides me and its only with his mercy that I have elected to run for governor come 2019. There may be others also contesting this election who may be true harbingers of God’s calling, we will do well to identify them and put them through the lens of God just to be sure; if not for today’s sake, then for the future. May the almighty give us the clarity to make the right decisions come 2019.
God Bless Imo State, God Bless Nigeria.
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