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Be A Gentleman, Gerrin Here! Here Are 9 Golden Rules For Men While Getting A Good Head… No. 8. Don’t fart!!!

There have never been written rules but some men have refused to step up their game in the ‘head’ getting game. We now have to make these public rules, and even make them laws.

While receiving a head, you’re supposed to relax, and not draw much attention to yourself, this disclaimer is for people receiving a head in public or anywhere that isn’t private. Be cool! It’s that simple, in general, there are really no set rules per say of what to do or not to do. They’re like moral rules, things you should live by.

Blowjob is an enjoyable act if you encounter someone who is very good with it. It’s a sweet experience that requires expertise from both the giver and the receiver, while it might look like the receiver doesn’t have much to do, they also have a part to play so as not to make it awkward as fuck.

Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim compiles a list to make sure we don’t make these mistakes. Stop doing these!

1. Don’t push her head further down

It may look like a good idea, nudging her in the direction of where you may derive more pleasure but it’s a common rule for blowjobs, don’t push her head down your tool. It’s a treasonable offence. Like I said earlier, be a gentleman, and wait for her to get there. Don’t force feed her your junk. Get a grip!

2. Don’t look at her

You might just be admiring the attention to details, she is giving to what is going on down there but its rude to stare at her while she is doing that, unless it’s something she’s into. People are into a lot of weird things these days, who knows, it can be erotic for her that whoever she’s blowing stare at her. Even with life in general, it’s rude to stare. With this situation, avoid staring!

3. Don’t pat her on the back

I don’t even know how this would occur to you to do but in case you do it or consider doing it. Stop that thought immediately. She isn’t a dog, you cannot be rubbing the back of a lady that has your d!ck in her mouth. She isn’t your dog.

4. Don’t thrust into her mouth

You need to resist that urge that keeps creeping up in your mind to thrust into her mouth like it’s her sexual organ. The pleasure you’re deriving can be insane and then your waist develop a mind of their own and keep jerking back and forth. Be control your hips and manage to keep it staying still. It’s a blowjob not mouth cex.

5. Don’t be too silent

I know these look like a lot of rules but there is a good reason for it. Here is another cardinal point, you cannot be too silent else it’ll be weird. You might want to throw in a couple of encouraging sounds, so it isn’t like she blowing a dead man. Your sound will nudge her in the direction of how you’re enjoying what she is doing or not. Don’t stay silent like a dead horse.

6. Let her know when you’re cumming

Not every lady wants to swallow your juice. Be a decent human being, and let her know when your orgasm is close. You might be enjoying it and all but you have to give the lady heads up if you’re about to cum. Some ladies are swallowers, and others aren’t. It’s a messy affair, be nice to let her know.

7. Clean up down there

Personal cleanliness is important if you want your tool sucked often, do yourself that much good by taking care of yourself. Wash it and shaved off the hair to keep off the stink that might put off your lady.

8. Don’t fart

You shouldn’t do it, it doesn’t matter if your fart stinks or not. Just don’t do it. Be a decent human being for the love of God. You cannot fart into someone’s face who has your junk in their mouth. She might decide to find a way to punish you for that.

9. One good turn deserves another

Now, she has satisfied you, how about repaying her back in the same coin. It’d be nice, isn’t it? It’s the decent thing to do.

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