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Landlady pours hot porridge on tenant’s 1-year-old baby over unpaid rent

-A heartless landlady allegedly poured hot porridge on her tenant’s baby over two months unpaid house rent in Zambia.

Zambezi reports that the one-year and three-months-old baby boy went through this pain due to his parent’s inability of paying rent for February and March. They are reportedly owing about N1,900 as their house rent. The landlady was reported to be a teacher at Kamwala Primary School, Zambia. It was added that the incident allegedly took place on Sunday, March 18. The father of the baby reportedly pays 25 Zambian kwacha per month, making it k50 (N1,900) for two months.

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Landlady allegedly pours hot porridge on tenant’s 1-year-old baby over unpaid rent in Zambia

It was reported that: “This happened when she was claiming to be given k50 rentals which George Simwinga was owing for 2 months being February and March respectively. The baby belonging to Mr and Mrs Simwinga sustained serious burns from this incident.
The Teacher who is famously known as Bana Paul started throwing things out of the house in the late evening yesterday and later got a hot pot which was burning on the brazier and poured it on the baby who was being held by the father. Simwinga pays k25 as rentals per month and says he is saddened that such inhuman behavior could be shown on him by the landlord over a fifty kwacha.
Simwinga has since called for local authorities to intervene in the matter so as to see justice prevails.

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