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BIAFRA: Kanu’S Home Invasion, Community Demands N500M From FG To Cleanse The Land

Following the invasion of the home of the indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, by the men of the Nigerian army, the people of Afaraukwu community, in Umuahia, Abia State capital are demanding Five Hundred Million Naira from the federal government in a bid to cleanse the land.

Recall that the military under (Operation Python Dance II) invaded the home of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in Umuahia on September 14, 2017, allegedly killing 22 members of IPOB, ransacking Kanu’s room, since then, Kanu, his father, Eze Isaac Okwu Kanu and his wife were no where to be seen.

Irked by the invasion which the community tagged as “Desecration” of the land, which also led the community to be licking their wounds and waiting in anxiety for the return of their traditional ruler, the people are demanding the money to purify the land.

However, Nnamdi Kanu’s younger brother, Emmanuel who was not at home but spoke from a distant location said that they are yet to know the whereabouts of his father, mother and brother.

According to him, “Ever since that day the military invaded our house and killed about 22 people and our dog, Jack, took so many people away, including the living and the dead, we’ve not set eyes on our father, mother and brother, Nnamdi; we’ve been in search of them, we’ve not seen them.

“They were within the house before the invasion took place, ever since, we’ve not set our eyes on them. The soldiers should produce them whether dead or alive. If they are dead, give us their corpse, that’s what we are asking for.”

Corroborating the story, the President General of Afaraukwu Ibeku Development Association (AIDA), Chief Ikechukwu Nwabueze, told The Sun that their community is feeling greatly the long absence of their monarch.

He said: “Since after the operation Python Dance in September last year, the Isiama Afaraukwu community has not seen our monarch and it has not been easy for us more especially I, the president general, because I cannot do my own duty as well do the work of the monarch.

“As a result of that, our community has been in shambles because the Eze is the father that holds the tradition and all that.”

Speaking on desecration of land and cleansing of palace, Chief Nwabueze said despite the fact that their traditional ruler has not been seen and remained incommunicado, the people of Afaraukwu community are much worried that their land and in particular, the palace of the traditional ruler – the Egwu Ukwu palace – was desecrated.

This they believe would make it impossible for their monarch to return to the palace without first of all cleansing it, if he is finally allowed to go home by his ‘captors’.

“Outside the fact that we have not seen our traditional ruler since the invasion of our community by the military last year, we are equally worried over the desecration of our land and in particular, the Egwu Ukwu palace,” Chief Nwabueze said.

On what should be done to cleanse the land and the palace, Chief Nwabueze said: “Some time ago, we wrote an open letter to the Federal Government asking them to come for a total cleansing of the area, what we call ’Egwu Avu’ because there are certain things they need to bring because of the type of people that entered there and because of the killings inside the palace.

“This should be done so that our gods will be appeased because since after the invasion of our community and the palace in particular by the military, so many strange things have been happening in the community. Since that time, we have been experiencing some kind of strange deaths in our community now. More so, they did a lot of damage, so many people we’ve not seen, so many people died as a result of shock and things like that, so, we need to appease our gods for the land to be calm.

“So, all we are saying is that they should sanitize our place that was desecrated and also we are asking the Federal Government to pay us N500 million so that we can buy all the necessary things we need for the cleansing of our land that was desecrated. The things that are needed include, white tortoise, white kite, white cow, white goat, white Igbo kola nut (37 in number). We’ve made inquires and those and others are what we are supposed to do.”

The monetary aspect, according to the president general, is secondary, as what was paramount to the people was for the Federal Government to send delegation to visit the community after which they would roll out what should be procured for the cleansing of the land.

He, however, said that if the Federal Government would not be able to get the items needed, then they should give the community money for that purpose.

He said that all the people wanted was the cleansing of their land and rebuilding of their monarch’s palace that was destroyed during the military raid.

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