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How To Start Akara Business In Nigeria

The deplorable condition of Nigerian economy has made a lot of youths including graduates to become creative and venture into diverse businesses in a bid to make both ends meet. Starting a business in Nigeria is one of the easiest ways of earning an income and becoming self sufficient.

However, most of these entrepreneurs, while creating their businesses have a mind-set completely off the area of “petty”, or what many will call “street business”; which just like the others is extremely beneficial. Petty business has been left to people whom we think are not educated enough to take high positions in banks, law firms, hospitals and other white collar jobs abound.

Our focus today is on Bean cake, popularly known as Akara – gotten from the Nigerian brown beans.

Akara is a popular breakfast served with corn porridge (Pap), or cornmeal molds (agidi). Others prefer taking it with Garri flakes (soaked garri). This business is cheap to start with a huge financial turnout which certainly will be more than half the amount invested. The idea might sound degrading and cheap but I tell you the gain is unbelievable.

Imagine providing  bean cake and pap every morning to company workers and hostel students before 7 a.m, and getting a great turnover before mid-day. Just like a great man used to say; “The difference between cold stone ice cream and any other ice cream is ‘packaging”.

How much is needed to start Akara business?

With as little as N12 000, you can kick start for at least 30 customers, which definitely will increase with time. Starting as a one-man entity without involving a lot of people is necessary since you do not have enough capital to pay an extra person. This business can begin and thrive anywhere, in your kitchen at home without having to pay for a shop, then with time it grows.

To be successful in this business, you must develop certain qualities: You must be eager to learn and develop your business, the ability to face criticism, stand and speak for your business, accept the negativity and use it to grow.

Getting the job done oneself is a good quality which you must develop, have a good leadership skill, be able to lead and organise your workers for positive results.

The recipe & tools you need

30cups of Beans (black-eyed or brown beans) – N3000

8 habanero chilli peppers – N150

7 medium Onion – N200

Salt to taste (as necessary) – N50

Vegetable Oil for frying – N1000

Grinding cost – N300

Mortar and Pestle – N6000

Medium sized frying pan – N2,500

Medium sized hole spoon – N1000

Total cost: N11, 700

Recipe cost: N2,200

Tool cost: N9,500

Remember, the highest amount spent is for getting the tools needed which you will not buy next time. A cup of beans is worth N100; 30 cups will cost N3000. Again, this is just for a start, the amount would definitely increase as the business grows and so will your patronisers.

Being a breakfast provider to companies, schools, and individuals is not a bad idea after all. Get yourself doing something today!

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