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Anambra Youths Set Church On Fire After Teacher Marries His 17yrs Old Sister

Youths in Ekwulobia town, Anambra state, went on a rampage and burnt down a church after a mathematics teacher named Chiadikobi Ezeibekwe married his 17yr old sister claiming God told him to do so in a revelation.

Chiadikobi quoted Bible passages in Deuteronomy to illustrate that siblings could marry each other. He said: “One advantage of doing this is that it discourages divorce. It also retains family values and norms.”

He said he did not pay any bride price to anybody in respect of the marriage. He said: “I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel ashamed. I don’t feel intimidated in any way. Only God can stop us.”

The wedding which incensed the local youths was conducted by Chiadikobi’s elder brother, Chijioke Ezeibekwe, who is the  priest of Dwelling Fullness of God Church, Agba. The youth of the village then burnt the church to the ground.

The Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Nkeiruka Nwide, said she heard the story “unofficially.”

Reacting to the issue, the traditional prime minister of Ekwulobia, Gabriel Ezeukwu, said,

“Agba village youths, who saw the marriage as  an abomination,  set ablaze the church where the wedding took place.

“I restrained them from further action against the man and his family.  If it were in the past, the entire family would be burnt down because this is a grave abomination and sin.”

The eldest son of the family, Emeka Ezeibekwe, vowed to resist their union. He said: “It’s over my dead body that they will call themselves husband and wife. It can’t happen.”

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