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Zimbabwean Man caught having sex with prostitute at wife’s funeral

Mob justice was meted out to a Zimbabwean widowerLuscious Chiturumani, for disrespecting his late wife, Sibongile Mthetwa, at her funeral service by having sex with a prostitute who he claimed is his sister.

The man who was given a courtesy room for them to rest as family, but however they ran out of luck after they woke for early morning sex. It was gathered that by 6am, a man who leaned close to their room’s window to smoke heard the lady moaning, and alerted others.

The two were then caught red-handed in the act, as the alerted crowd stormed the room with no locks.


H-Metro reports that the deceased’s sister who confirmed the incident, Grace Mtethwa, said that Chiturumani who went about deceiving people that the lady was his sister and agreeing to share a room with her, had brought disgrace to their family as the case will remain the talk of town.

“It is very much disgusting what my uncle has done. Humbwa chaiwo.

He has proven to be a dog and lacking any sense of morality. How can someone come all the way from Gweru to have sex here aaah? I had never seen anything like such in my entire life.

Apa haana kumbopedza kubhadhara roora racho but he found the courage to bring a prostitute saying it was his sister.
We gave them a room to sleep in at around 9pm.

You know at a funeral very few people retire to bed and if they do so it will be around 1am vatoneta nekuimba so I guess that is the advantage which the so called brother and sister took because no one joined them in their room.

At around 5am a certain man came to a place where my aunts and I were sitting saying we should visit the room where he heard some sounds assuming there was a problem.”


It was gathered that  Chiturumani was slapped and kicked, as he made the short walk to a car that was waiting for him in the yard.

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