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Lady Maltreated And Brutalized By Her Baby Daddy In Lagos Cries Out For Help (Photos)

Pictured is a young lady who has reportedly been in active domestic by her baby daddy whom she had been living with. The young lady identified as Samuel Gloria who is from Delta State but resides in Lagos – is said to have been maltreated and brutalized by one Sanni Olalekan; her baby daddy who got her pregnant in 2009.

The man is said to have beaten the woman to the point of almost killing her before she was sent away. Now the distraught woman is looking for a way to get back her son whom she was stopped from seeing by the father.

Read the full story as shared by Francis Onyema on Facebook;

Please, kindly pay attention to this: A young lady has been in active domestic violence since 2009 till date. Her name is Samuel Gloria with phone number: 080xxxxxx (available on request), she’s not on Facebook neither a JLAA member, she’s from Delta State but reside in Lagos. I do not know her but she newly packed to my area that was how I got to know her ordeal, her place is adjacent to mine.

Her story, her pain and suffering is as follows: I have observed her several times, she feels sad, defeated, rejected and humiliated always, one day I called her to asked what the problem all about, she narrated she was married (since 2009) to one Sanni Olalekan with phone number: 080xxxxxx (available on request) of Adamson street Ille-Ile bus stop ketu Lagos.

guy got her pregnant 2009 and since then hell was let loose, she always received heavy beating from the guy to an extent she fainted one day and she was rushed to the hospital. This made her to run away but later he pleaded with the help of people she came back believing he has changed without knowing he has become Anthony Joshua (the boxer).

The last incident that happened was on May 3rd 2017 when he wanted to strangulate her to death; it was her neighbors who saved her life that very day. The man sent her away and stopped her from seeing her only son of 7 years. She said she wants the boy to stay with her and the father to be paying some money monthly for his upkeep.

She said her son sent message across to her through her friends that he cannot stay with his father but with her mother. She concluded in heavy tears….

Please, she needs help from JLAA, she is not on Facebook. Thanks in anticipation.

See Photos Below;



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