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Little Boy With Rare Genetic Condition, Abandoned By His Parents

This is Shakul from Uganda, he was born with a rare genetic condition which makes him look a little different.

Without access to a doctor, his parents didn’t understand his appearance so they abandoned him shortly after birth.Namatuvu, his grandmother, took him in and now as part of the @Compassion program, his life has seen many blessings – one of them being his sponsor.

Last month, Matt was able to visit Shakul and spend a couple days with him and his family. Shakul is healthy and strong. Although he has the Waardenburg Syndrome, which makes hearing and talking difficult, he is making a lot of friends at his Compassion Center.

Next year, Shakul will be old enough to start school and his sponsor hopes he can attend one for children with cognitive disabilities so he can learn the sign language.

With a lot of love and support around him, Shakul will continue to grow and develop with confidence!

Shared by Compassion on Instagram.

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