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Know your life calling and live by it

Over the years, I have come to realize that i’m intrigued mostly by listening or reading from renowned motivational speakers.

There is this spark that erupts deep within me each time I hear them speak, leaving my imagination running wild and the zeal to succeed constantly aflame.

Every human has its own distinct attribute even if they are identical twins. This unique attribute is the most precious and powerful resources embedded in every human but it’s quite unfortunate that most people have lost touch of their own uniqueness while trying to imitate people and conform to popular standards.

Some people strive well in politics, sports, comedy, hook ups and others by encouraging and uplifting a turbulent soul. When we realize what really fascinates us, broadens our knowledge in that path and starts making impart, then it becomes our calling.

In our early days, most of our parents encouraged us through their words and actions to conform to standards, fit in and not dare to stand out. But the world is evolving and as adults, you have to liberate yourself from the power of imitation and conformity if you must succeed.

Start today to maximize your life calling and enhance your productivity.

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer.


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