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Celebrating Adamazi Blog @ 6 Months

Every business has its own secret of success; when you venture into a new line of business, kindly sought for trustworthy people who are already grounded in the field to put you through.

Despite how smart you seem, you can’t know it all. No man is an island, don’t stay and struggle all by yourself. And most importantly, don’t expect to know it all before setting up a business for ideas do not come up fully formed.

There are things you’ll never know until you get started. Most times, we are taken aback by feeble minded people who think that a particular business should be left for a particular person. Do not expect these set of people to see beyond the lens, it’s your dream and passion afterwards, not theirs. Besides, the sky is always so wide for everyone to spread its wings and fly.

Adamazi Blog is 6 months today and this baby has started crawling. Lol. I’m excited.

Here’s me saying “THANK YOU” to all those that have contributed in one way or the other in making this dream “Adamazi Blog” worthwhile. There wouldn’t be Adamazi Blog without you all.

Thank you for supporting my passion. I am extremely grateful and super proud of you all. May Adamazi Blog reign and continue to be impactful. Massive love and hugs.

God bless our struggles. Amen.

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

CEO Adamazi Blog

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