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Reincarnation: Fact or Fallacy – AMOJ

This is the believe that a Soul comes back to earth in another body or form after death. In the olden days once a baby is born, the family takes him/her to a seer in other to ascertain who reincarnated the Child. Sometimes, the child’s exhibitions or physical evidences like birth mark, bullet wound, look, handwriting etc tells too.

I have heard cases where a baby was born with a certain physical evidence, that particularly reflects the one a member of the family had before death. During the war, a man died from bullet wound and a Child (Son) was later born into the family, surprisingly there was an open bullet wound on the baby’s body. When the elders were informed, they immediately concluded He was their late brother.
Lo and behold, they called the little baby by the late brother’s name thrice and the wound sealed up.

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Sometimes during burial, aged Men and Women of the family make declarations for the dead, urging the spirit to reincarnate in a better form with good stars/destinies.

Myself as a case study; when my Uncles learnt about my birth, the last who happens to be just a year plus when grand mother died rushed to the hospital. On sighting me sleeping peacefully on a Cot, he looked at me and said I’m the reincarnation of His mother. Henceforth and even till now, my Uncles believe I’m their reincarnated mother, gives me special preferences and all.

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While Christianity rejects reincarnation stressing it contradicted the scripture in Heb 9:27 ” It is appointed unto men once to die and after that the judgement”. I honestly do not really understand the process of reincarnation but whatsoever one believes, work for them.

Please do drop your comment afterwards, thank you for reading.

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 Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

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