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Do not give up yet – AMOJ

Few years ago, I was working at something that didn’t really turn up as planned and I went haywire.

I failed to look at other options and was really sad not until my father (of blessed memory) said to me ” Can you see your back from here” and I replied No, and he continued “Don’t always be certain that your plans are the best for you especially when you cannot look into the future, there’s more to life than what you are seeing at the moment my daughter” and I became stone-cold.

What point am I trying to buttress?

Most times we bear the grudge of disappointments, failures, rejection, heartbreaks etc as if they are the best things that can ever happen to us. Ofcourse, it comes with pains but do not allow it becloud your sense of reasoning.

Look beyond those ugly situations, keep pushing and ofcourse madu anaghi efu mgbe ihe ya furu (One can’t get lost when he/she loses something). Just believe that whatever it is that slipped off your fingers wasn’t the best for you afterwards and you’ll bounce back with so much energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a difference.

You have no reason to be depressed because of a certain situation unless you can comfortably see your tomorrow.

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

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