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My Near Rape Experience – AMOJ

Rape has eaten into the fabrics of our society and as time goes by, it becomes intensified. Atleast 6 out of every 10 women have either had a rape or near rape experience; The keyword here is CONSENT irrespective of the situation or gender.

I was 14 years old when I had a near rape experience, was quite a smart child evident in my quick thoughts and actions but never saw it coming. We had a family friend who’s married with kids, both families were close and he would always come around to discuss politics and other trending stories with my father (of blessed memory).

I have always had a strong instinct and for some cognitive reasons, I avoided this man like a plague. Never liked him one bit. It was Christmas period, we were yet to travel and the whole environment was so serene. This man had sent his family home and was still very much around.

So one evening, he came to my house and had some luggage with him. As usual, he was with my father and said he’s coming from the market and decided to stop over. After their discussion, he was about leaving and said he needed a wheel barrow to take the stuffs home, requested that I should help him so I can bring back the barrow afterwards.

My father asked me to help out as our houses weren’t far from each other. On getting to his house, we took the stuffs in and I turned to go but he asked me to hold on as he wanted to give me some documents to give my father. He closed the door behind me, requested I seat down while he gets it from inside.

I waited patiently but to my greatest surprise, this man can out completely naked and grabbed me on the seat. Aha! I was so shocked to my bone marrows, shouting and screaming became my only solace as he was busy dragging my pant to have his way. I cried and fought like a wounded lion, used my teeth to bite him and at a point, I was losing my strength.

He was almost suffocating me as he tried to close my mouth which extended to my nose in a bid to stop me from shouting. I was so scared as a lot of people had travelled, who will hear my voice and rescue me;  I looked up and said ‘Jesus please rescue me’ with the last strength I’ve got.

And ofcourse, Jesus showed himself . There was a knock on the door, and he stopped in shock.  Who could that be? He murmured to himself and the knock became louder. I managed to get enough breath and shouted again like my life depended on it. He quickly rushed inside, to dress up I presume and I staggeredly rushed to the door, unlocked and flinged it open.

There was a woman with her child standing at the door and I hurriedly left, sweating and panting vigorously. This woman couldn’t wrap her head around my hasty movement and asked “Nne, o gini” but I wasn’t going to spend a minute more there so I ignored her and ran home leaving even the wheel barrow behind.

I had wanted to tell my parents but I knew my father was going to have his head, would fight and drag him with everything he had . I never wanted another drama so I only told my younger ones to stay away from him, that he is a bad man. Shortly after the incident, he relocated. I was really traumatized and had to fight that ugly memory that almost ruined my perception about men. I grew up becoming particularly careful of the opposite sex and that was my first and only near rape experience.

Children/babies who lack the ability to give consent and speak out are the most vulnerable, do not trust your child with anyone be it family friend or even a blood relation. Together  we can fight and put a stop to this societal decadence and a crime against humanity.






Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer

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    August 5, 2017 at 4:36 am

    A real eye opener, wonder what kind of konji will push a man to lose his sense of reasoning and diver into rape

  • Reply
    A rapist is a threat to the society, should rot in Jail - AMOJ | Adamazi Blog
    June 28, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    […] My Near Rape Experience – AMOJ […]

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