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Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Housemaid

Chapter Three

Unfortunately for me mama has been monitoring me. She was a very smart woman that I must admit. Since seeing how uncomfortable I have been since morning, she knew something was up even though I had been in denial.

She climbed the stairs gallantly and shouted my name. By this time I have already removed my last panties and was just lurking my nakedness in a corner. She called me the second time and I jumped out in fear. 

“What have you been up to? ” she asked and I shook my head in fear. In an instant she stared at my laps and took a few steps closer. She bent over and squinted her eyes

“Is that blood I’m seeing?” she asked. By this time I was shaking uncontrollably. She paused and stared deeply at me.

“Come here! Closer! ” she screamed at me while I fearfully took few steps towards her. She took a closer examination and confirmed her alleged fears.

“Who touched you? Eh nwa! Tell me, who? ”

I was confused as I didn’t understand the question. The only thing I felt I could do was to take a few steps back and keep shaking my head. I did what my instincts told me but my little act infuriated mama the more.

“Oh you silly girl, you are running away! Come back here” she screamed dragging my ears. I let out a painful cry as she landed a slap on my back.

“Heiii ooo, this girl wants to kill me. Tell me now or I will kill you” she threatened.

Apparently her scream caught my aunt and her boyfriend’s attention as they both ran out.

“Mama what is it? ” she asked.

“Ask her who touched her” mama replied as she kicked my legs

“Is that blood? ” my aunt asked surprised.

“Yes” mama answered immediately.

Instantly my aunt started laughing. Mama and I didn’t understand what was funny but I believe her boyfriend did. He stared at me interestingly for some time before walking back into the room.

“Mama, is it old age or what?” my aunt joked. “Maybe it isn’t what you are thinking.” She was still laughing. She then calmly beckoned on me to come to her. I must be truthful, she was surprisingly loving at that moment. Mama was just watching with keen interest.

“When did you first see this? ” she asked pointing to my laps.

“This afternoon aunty when I woke up” I was scared. She nodded

“Relax I’m not going to beat you OK? She said trying to make me feel at ease a little. Then everywhere became so quiet that you could literally hear my resounding heartbeat.

“Have you done anything with any man before? ” she asked breaking the awkward silence. I was confused. I just nodded. She squinted her eyes and stared at me for a while. Mama clapped her hands in mockery and amazement.

I was still confused

“Now tell me, do you know what sex is? She asked. I turned around and noticed mama’s gaze was fixed on me. My aunt’s boyfriend was now out from their room and was leaning on the door frame. I was still lost but of course I knew what sex was so I nodded in affirmation. Mama screamed and sprang up from her chair, leaping like a wounded tiger towards me. I instinctively jumped to my aunt, hiding behind her. My aunt was now standing between mama and I.

“Mama relax” that was my aunt’s boyfriend coming to my rescue.

My aunt instantly dragged me from behind and stood me before her. She kept her total gaze on me as she asked me the question.

“Tell me, what is sex?” Every eye was now on me.

“Aunty it means gender, male or female” I replied innocently. Everyone of them had a hard stare and then burst out laughing. I felt like a big fool.


Forgive me but I will love to talk about mama a little, maybe in my next chapter, but for now there is something strange happening! I can’t understand it but I’m sure it’s triggered by this last event.

Generally at home, there is this new interest I think everyone has suddenly developed in me. Both mama, aunt Oby, her boyfriend and mama’s younger son, uncle Ugonna. When ever I walk pass each of them, there is this strange look adoring their faces, especially the men. This silently escalated into intentionally brushing my newly sprouted breast anytime I’m closer to them or jokingly touching them while feigning to send me on an errand. These were done by the men. It’s always very painful but they will chuckle at my naivety and later have a good laugh. Interestingly, my aunt’s anger towards me grew fiercer as she would hit, spank, curse and push me at any opportunity.

I rarely go out to interact with my mates but when I do, it’s mostly with my two good friends Ifeoma and Nkeiru who were sisters and lived two houses away from us. Then a young boy Ifechukwu who was a twin. We mostly socialize while fetching water or during my very many errand trips. On this particular day, I had gone out to buy soap for mama’s laundry when I met Ifechukwu on the way. We joked and laughed together while walking home, unfortunately uncle Ugonna saw me. I was shocked and afraid. I left my friend behind and ran home but my uncle was already home, waiting. He was all alone, no one was home. He ordered me to come upstairs and intovhis room which I did in fears thinking he was going to punish me.

“Who was that? So you have resorted to following these little boys around eh?”he asked while I shook my head.

“Uncle you know him, they live just four houses away” I pleaded

“Did he touch you? “he asked again

and I nodded in affirmation. I believe he understood my naivety. My friend had actually tapped my back while trying to point out something for me.

“Now lie down and raise your skirt, I need to carry out a test on you” he ordered

“Uncle what kind of test?”I asked.

“Do as I said or do you want me to tell everyone what you’ve been up to?”he threatened.

I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t move, I kept looking at him. With a hard pull he drew me closer and pushed me on the bed, I fell hard while he began meddling with his belt but then there was a bang on the door downstairs. I jerked up and raced off his room. The little distraction made him jittery and I was smart enough to utilize the opportunity. I jumped down the stairs in fours and was safely downstairs. I didn’t know what he was up to but i felt whatever it was, wasn’t right. I opened the door to see mama’s friend’s daughter, Ogechi. She had come to tell me that mama needed me in their house urgently. Without much ado I followed her. Walking through the compound, I saw uncle looking out to see who had come to my rescue. I had forgotten to inform him that I was leaving, how could I remember when I was visibly shaken and confused. I didn’t know whom to tell my uncle’s action as I had understood that everyone closeby avoided their trouble.

I met mama waiting impatiently for me, she was pacing up and down

“What took you so long?” she asked Oge.

“I was knocking but no one answered, I actually wanted to leave before I banged harder on the door! ”

Mama turned instantly to me. “What were you doing that you didn’t hear her knock? ”

“Nothing ma” that was all I could say but deep inside me I wanted to scream out for help

“Who else is at home?” she asked.

“Uncle” I replied and instantly her gaze fell. I knew something was wrong as her countenance changed with my response. She sent me on an errand which I happily went. I returned and gave her what I had bought and then informed her I needed to go back to finish her laundry, but her rigid response shocked me.

“Sit here, we will go home together”

I wouldn’t lie, I was relieved. I sat with her and for some minutes enjoyed her company.

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