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Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Housemaid by Marian Onukwufor

Chapter Seven

Uncle wasn’t in support as he raised his fears.

“Did you believe she could do this? That she could pull this off? You all thought she was a kid and looked down on her. She will still find a way to implicate you all. Better listen to mama. And moreover if she travels, who is going to run all the errands here especially when our inlaw returns? Forget the holidays, she won’t step an inch”

On hearing this,  I nearly fainted. I have been good all this while because I wanted to go on holidays. How would they decide my life just like that? How could they do this to me? Hot tears were dripping down my cheeks uncontrollably but in a moment my hope was restored.

“Who? She? In my new house when my husband returns? You are joking! I don’t want to see her around! In fact I don’t want to perceive her at all! She is causing this fuss when he is seven seas away from us, then imagine what would happen if he is closer? That girl has a hidden agenda but I won’t give her the chance to ruin my happiness. I have waited twelve years for this wedding to happen and now it has been postponed for another two weeks as a warning! I am not happy, I am ignoring her just because my husband gave that instruction, if not eh, I would have buried her alive.” she screamed

“And to think that our inlaw has never seen her before and yet has this kind of likeness for her….” aunt Oby chipped in.

“Now we are thinking alike!” aunty Agnes interrupted her. “That’s why I said she has an ulterior motive.”

Then there was sudden silence.

“So what are you saying?” Mama asked calmly

“Send her on holidays. I don’t need her” she said

“What of all the errands…..

“Then call your niece, she can help out. I trust her more” she insisted.

I wanted to let out a sound of joy,  but I kept mute lest they realize I was eavesdropping. In my heart I laughed at her craziness,  she felt she was denying me the opportunity to meet her “obodo oyibo” returnee, but God has through that granted me my utmost heart desire.

I was extremely happy. I was going home…. Finally!!!!

Mama put a call through to my dad explaining that I was free to go on holidays. Apparently she had called him earlier on to dissuade him from my holiday plans. Dad was okay with the new development and asked to speak with me. I could still remember how happy I was hearing his voice. He asked me when we were rounding up for the term and then promised to come a week after to pick me up. I was elated, very glad.

Based on their scheduling, my aunt’s husband will be arriving three days after my departure, so it was a perfect plan for all.


The term came to an end and as was planned I had already gotten my rags ready,  yes I do call my clothes rags because that’s actually what they were.  My dad would be arriving this Saturday while her husband’s flight will be Landing by midday on Wednesday. Aunt Agnes was over the moon and couldn’t wait to get rid of me, I on the other hand couldn’t wait to breathe free air.

Friday evening while seated outside for some few words with Mama, aunty came home with a sad face. She was bitter and even started crying before anything could be said. She later explained that her husband had rescheduled his homecoming because of work related issues and therefore wouldn’t be joining them on wednesday. This was a very bad news, not only to them but to me also. My holiday was at stake because his coming was the major reason I was allowed to travel. I was afraid they were going to cancel it. I began to cry.

Mama was sad as well, not only because her in-law wasn’t coming home again, but because I was traveling for no just cause. I was afraid, very afraid. I prayed silently in my heart that they don’t change their mind.

“Go get me a cup of water upstairs” Mama said to me. It was her usual way of sending me away from her presence whenever she wants to have a serious talk. I stood up quietly and walked towards the door. I stopped by the door way because I wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation, I needed to know my fate.

“This is why I hate taking hasty decisions” Mama said. Aunty was still moody. “Now we have lost both ends. We have told her dad to come pick her up tomorrow, what do we do? ”

“You can call him and fake a story on why she wouldn’t go. Her dad respects you, he will agree. But if he proves heady, you can call your sister to do the work, he can’t say no to his wife remember?” Aunty advised

I know if they get to my step mum, she will definitely convince my dad to let me stay. I began to sob uncontrollably. Is having freedom,  love and happiness such a huge demand that God has failed to answer me?

I dejectedly went upstairs and got the cup of water. While at the doorway I heard mama making a call. Little attention showed it was my dad as I heard her explaining how sick she was and begging him to let me stay. And then there were occasional yes, no, okay and thank you very much, and she ended the call. I guess she suspected me of eavesdropping as she screamed my name afterwards. I walked out with an obvious sad face to notice a smirking smile on her lips. Aunty eyed me instantly and sighed..

“If you like hit your head on the wall” she cursed. I kept mute as my heart kept beating with venomous hatred. At this moment I wished my eyes were bullets, I would have gladly shot them, especially her.

But then an idea came to me, I could run away….

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    July 27, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Good write up, still following the story if this housemaid with keen interest……

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