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Sex is a Fellowship

This is what most men of God may shy away from…for them not to be tagged “Worldly”

Do you know that Many marriages have been destroyed/broken as a result of the edited version of this word ” SEX”?

Even parents nowadays feel shy to give their children a sound and undiluted sex education.

Ladies and Gentlemen, God is the Initiator therefore it’s not a sin but only meant for MARRIED COUPLES.( Officially)

God appreciates Pleasure neither is He a joy killer..

Sex is one of the undiluted pleasures God used to endow the institution of marriage. It’s a part of  many packages in marriage..

…But unfortunately, most married men and women alike, do not enjoy this pleasure due to ignorance and lack of self exploration..

Some married women have NEVER enjoyed sex ( Love making) yet they’ve had 2 to 5 children simultaneously. (mere gawa)

WHY?  because most men lack the knowledge of doing it and doing it well..

Some men even go to the extent of raping their wives in the name of love making…..(Loool)

A woman is not a generator, you on and off at has to be a fellowship..


When it’s time for this bedroom fellowship, Sir,  there should be an “opening prayer” Here, engage her in a sweet and romantic talks, discussions, appreciation. Tell her how soft and neat her skin is….before you can rush into praise and worship.

“Praise and Worship”

Here, you’re expected to Kiss, romance, touch, feel her body , engaging in a perfect acquaintance with the body in an inexplicable way,…

After that, paves way for testimony, Madam, remember all your husband has been doing for you,

Don’t go speechless and only be at the receiving side, RECIPROCATE. Feel free to talk to each other in the mood.

Look at each other’s faces and pour out your burning desires for each other. Remember, it’s a fellowship…

Enjoy the pleasure, don’t be in a hurry Sir…TAKE YOUR TIME….(jiri nwayo)

Now because you have done all the necessities, You don’t need to apply for a visa for your wife to make your papers available.

Sir, After all these, God has made the body of a woman to be ready and balanced to welcome the “man of God” to minister the word..

Remember you can’t just close the fellowship like that, after ministering the word. NO !!!

…But unfortunately most men will close the fellowship and leave hurriedly.

Sir, you need to share the grace..

Don’t leave her..

Don’t be selfish..

Share the grace and close the fellowship….do it and everyone is happy!


Written by: Nnamukah Kingsley Prince

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