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Nigerian Man Confronts Governor For Delaying Their Flight For 6 Hours But Then Receives The Beating Of His Life

A social media user identified as Vanladi has taken to his Instagram page to narrate the cruelty he was subjected to by a serving governor in the country.

According to the social media user, the governor delayed his flight for six hours and ordered him to be beat up after he questioned the reason for their flight delay.

Vanladi took to his Instagram page to narrate his ordeal stating that the flight was booked from Jalingo to Abuja.

He wrote:

“I booked an @overland flight from jalingo to Abuja for 1pm today and when we all got to the airport we were told there was gonna be a 30mins delay which we agreed to. We waited for 2 hours without any information from the airline or the airport authorities.

After 2 hours, I and my colleagues got so hungry that we had to look for food at the closest location to the airport which is the Nysc camp mammy market all because the airport is at a remote location far away from the town.

All passengers at the airport kept complaining when minutes became hours and there no sign of us taking off soon. Finally at 7pm we were called to board only for us to be delayed in the plane further,few mins later the Governor of the state walks into the plane without the courtesy to apologize for keeping us from 1pm to 7pm(6 good hours).

I then walk up to him and explain “sir I am a law abiding and tax paying citizen just like the other people on the plane whom u delayed from 1pm till now and we were not given the courtesy of an apology from the airline or from your office.

This isn’t fair to us sir and I just tot I express my griviance” (wetin I talk bad?). Before I knew it his aides rushed into the plane and started raining abuses on me and slapping me…dragged me out of the plane that who gave me the right to talk to “their governor” that he has the right to keep all of us till tomao if he wants to.

I just looked with shock….a flight that I paid for with my hard earned money fah! Well he later called them to order and told them he wanted to see me. He explained he didn’t know he kept us and I replied that his office knew and it was their job to offer apology and refreshment to us.

Later I found out even the hostess and pilot had to go source for food when hunger started dealing with them. The painful part is that passangers in the airport that were complaining and shouting to the airline operatives while we waited for the flight kept mute and others joined the aides in berating me for talking to “their Governor”.

“I just wonder where this nation is headed when public servants elected by the people to serve us become mini gods over the same electorate. Was I wrong with my action?”


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