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My Real “Political Ambition” by Nke Nke Enyi Izuogu

At last all aspirants and candidates on various political platforms vying for political offices in 2019 have stepped forward and I am not among them. All those that swore that I had an ambition and also thought that Nke Nke Enyi Izuogu had a political ambition based on my humble acts of charity have eaten the humble pie. They have been proved wrong! They are ashamed.

Finally, it has dawned on everyone that

1. NKE NKE ENYI IZUOGU has no political ambition!

2. NKE NKE ENYI IZUOGU does not belong to any political party.

I said this to everyone that enquired from me if I had any political ambition and even before our Catholic Bishop and Priests and Catholic faithfuls but those who preferred to dwell in the realm of speculation continued to spread rumours on an imaginary “political ambition” for a man whose only interest is to assist the less privileged, the poor, and the downtrodden and to add value to my immediate environment. Unfortunately for most of them. They refused to identify with the humanitarian activities and events of my foundation and fortunately for me …They need me now.

Now, aspirants have moved to the next level: they are seeking for support.

Now, what moral justification do some of them have coming back to me with failed promises and how can I support JUST any aspirant when:

1. The road to my village is impassable (a mere 2 kilometers).
Ndiekwuru Imenze, Ogelle, Ndiuche,Ndianiche, Oree, linking Umualumoke Ehime Mbano.

2. The children in my village and neighbouring communities do not have decent classrooms to learn?

3. We do not even have a one-room dispensary or a health centre in my village to cater for the sick, the old, women and young children outside the one my foundation (NKE NKE ENYI IZUOGU FOUNDATION FOR THE NEEDY AND THE AGED) is building now aimed at making pregnant women and mothers access good and Quality ante natal care and child delivery for free with qualified predatrician/nursing care for children aimed at reducing early child death. I thank our brother Okey Obike for his continued support from.the United Kingdom

4 How can I support any aspirant in this year of our Lord 2018 when my people are still in darkness and the solo electrification project I began a few years ago is still uncompleted because of lack of support and UNFULFILLED PROMISES.

5. When Oye Ndiekwuru market is dilapidated and needs urgent attention.

Let us tell ourselves the truth: all Politics is local. The only aspirant or candidate that NKENKE ENYI IZUOGU will support is the one that am convinced will put a smile on the faces of my people by addressing these challenges. We fought a good fight in ensuring that my friends who are in various positions won in 2015 but after the endorsement visit to my home and subsequent condolence when I lost my Dad. They forgot my people. Any dividend of democracy that is aimed at making only ME happy is not welcomed. My people that has firm belief in me should benefit. The poor, the less privileged, the needy, the downtrodden, should benefit. When they ‘re blessed and happy. I am.

Only then, I will support him not only with my full weight but with the full weight of my people in Okigwe Zone and Orlu Zone as well as my wide range of friends who never fail to support any cause that I appeal to them to support.

That is my real “political ambition”.

See photos below:

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