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Don’t be a dream sharer, Be a doer

A lot of dreams have been permanently shut down or completely stolen due to the people we’ve shared them with.

When we seek validation from family and friends in our life burning passions and visions because we lack the confidence to take the bull by the horn, sometimes they water it down and kill the zeal with their negativeness.

You are passionate about a thing and luckily, a vision dropped into your heart on how to get started and you ignore what is deposited inwardly to look outwardly for validations. Of course, everyone at a point seeks clarity of a vision but the fact still remains that ideas do not come fully formed. When we work and invest time in our ideas, it gets clearer.

Now, No singular person shares your exact vision and do not expect them to see beyond the lens. It is your vision and only you can see beyond the lens and get started. I understand the initial fear of the vision not being popularly accepted in the beginning but hey! Get started.

You can never know how far you would go with your dreams until you get started. And should incase it didn’t turn out as planned over the years, then know you at least made a move and start dreaming a new dream. You can never be too old to dream a new dream or to start afresh.

Most of the world’s most influential people didn’t get it right at their first attempt, but their persistence and hard work paid off atlas.

Dear young people, learn to keep your business ideas, life vision and passions within you until you get started and let your results speak for itself.

Be careful with your ideas/dreams for it might be your only meal ticket in life. Shalom!

Yours Veritably;

Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer


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